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Become an ambassador

Being a young company we look for creativity, confidence, enthusiasm, and a passion for entrepreneurship and food alike!

Frecibo is not a unique idea. What we bring that is new is the passion and personality, all of which blossoms out of the people on our team. We are always looking for vibrant new characters to add more colour to our brand. If you are someone who loves food as much as we do, and would you like to get jump into the exciting world of a start-up, then you are perfect for us.

Unlike other ambassador programs, we have designed a unique system that rewards you whilst ensuring that you have your share of fun!


Here’s a brief snippet of what you gain aside from the money and point rewards:

  • Experience working at a young and growing startup
  • Have something out of the box on your CV
  • Get something cool to talk about at interviews
  • Experience creative marketing first hand
  • Transform your creative ideas into real tasks (and receive recognition for it on all our social media channels)
  • Attend social events with fellow ambassadors and the team (we're a pretty cool bunch!)
  • Get in touch with like-minded people
  • Increase your own social presence
  • Receive a personalized recommendation letter
  • Get redeemable reward points against tasks
  • Make money
  • Have fun!


If this all sounds good, all to need to do is fill out the form below, we will review your applicationa nd get in tocuh with you regarding the next steps of the process!

We look forward to hearing from you!